DAY SEVEN: From Westport back to Dublin

We bid farewell to Westport on another beautiful sunny morning, and drove east across Ireland to Dublin. It took Paul, our driver, three and a half hours and included a stop for lunch just before we arrived. Our one port of call today was the Guinness brewery and it was crowded. We dropped the group off as I was not interested in the Guinness….been there, bought the farm. From what I learned from the group, some thought it was great, others not so much. After, a quick run around the center of town, we arrived at our hotel, The Clayton Ballsbridge and checked in. It’s a lovely hotel, originally a Protestant girls’ school since the early 1800’s, on the Merrion Road in the poshest part of Dublin. Very charming.

We had a nice dinner and several stayed in and some went out on the town. All showed up for breakfast this morning…I fell asleep watching “Dirty Harry”, I must have been tired. Will catch up on our final day tomorrow….

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